The fourth issue of the Gulf Coast’s free, take-no-prisoners, unrepentantly outraged print publication The Raging Pelican is looking for your art, articles & poems!

Our next issue will be out in Feb 2013. If you would like to contribute an article or interview, PLEASE send your idea to – the deadline for finished articles is Jan. 8th!

If you have poetry, send the poem… and if you’d like to contribute art, please send a sample (or a link to it).

This issue’s theme is “Whose Gulf?” As in, who should benefit from the Gulf of Mexico & its bounteous resources?

Does the Gulf belong to the people and communities who’ve lived near and fished from it for generations, or to the corporations and governments who destroy it? These issues of “ownership” cover a broad range: the BP oil disaster… poisoning people with toxic dispersants… the Coast Guard kicking journalists off beaches… just how little we communities along the coast ever see of the vast profits made from the Gulf’s oil… and the literal loss of land experienced by Cajun communities, the Houma and other coastal residents.

The Raging Pelican advocates community control of community resources. We believe the only path to survival for the Gulf South is direct action in defense of our lives, families, lands, and culture.

We are a print publication with NO advertisements and no affiliation with (or love for) political parties, big business or holier-than-thou so-called “nonprofits.” Our circulation was 8,000 for issue three… we’re planning 10,000 copies of issue four. Everyone involved is unpaid, though contributors are more than welcome to as many copies as they want or are willing to distribute.

Please send us your personal stories, interviews, art & poetry from this ongoing struggle against oil companies, paid-for politicians, big money media & despair itself. Together, we will survive… somehow!