Pelican Briefs

Inspiring actions from all over the globe

February 2012 – MEND Rebels Attack Oil Pipeline

Rebels from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta attacked and disabled an oil pipeline in their continued struggle for local control of resources. Since 2004, the coalition of various local militant groups has been attacking infrastructure and equipment used by oil companies to exploit the region.


May 2012 – Asturian Miners Strike

Miners in Spain began striking in late May 2012. The strike has included attacks on police and offices of the ruling People’s Party. Miners have attacked police with rockets, stones, nuts and bolts; and have blocked up to 60 roads a day, including 16 main roads and motorways and two railway lines. Miners have also erected barricades made from burning tires and occupied a mine shaft.


June 2012 – Indigenous Peoples Fight Monte Belo Dam Project

Protestors opposing the construction of a massive hydroelectric dam in Brazil staged sit-ins and sabotage. The dam, which was approved by the government in 2005, would destroy vast swaths of indigenous land and resources. Actions have included the destruction of building equipment and the breaching of dam infrastructure.


January 2013 – ZADists Sabotage High-Power Line

Anarchists in France from the Zone a Défendre (ZAD) used hacksaws to disable power-line infrastructure. The ZAD is an autonomous zone established to support the decades long struggle against the construction of an airport in Notre Dames des Landes. Clashes between police and defenders of the zone have been ongoing for months.


February 2013 – Anarchists Torch Gold Mining Equipment

Fifty masked anarchists armed with Molotov cocktails stormed the Skouries Gold Mine in northern Greece. After torching bulldozers, trucks, and portacabins belonging to Canadian mining company El Dorado and its Greek subsidiary Hellenic Gold, the group used tree trunks to block police and firefighters from reaching the site.


February 2013 – Confrontations at Conference for Canadian Mega-Development

ragingpelican_4_Page_23_Image_0002A major gathering of corporations at the Palais des Congrès de Montreal was disrupted two days in a row when protesters sabotaged police cars, broke windows and shot flares into the building. The conference was convened to discuss Plan Nord, a mega-project coordinating resource extraction throughout northern Quebec. The proposal for Plan Nord would destroy land, poison water systems, and displace multiple First Nations groups.


March 2013 – Anarchists Set Fire to “Green” Development

In opposition to green-washed urban gentrification, anarchists in Seattle set fire to the construction site of a so-called “sustainable” housing development.


March 2013 – New Orleanians Drop Banner, Liberate Billboards

In solidarity with the Tar Sands Blockades and against the destruction of the Gulf by BP, some New Orleans anarchists dropped an anti-fracking banner from an overpass and corrected two billboards.